Caleb (10), Student

“At Mosaic, you get a lot of freedom to do what you want and learn what you want to learn. We have a really good community. Everyone is nice and when you want help everyone will help you. I have learned that I have human rights and I can choose what I want to do. One day I want to run a business.

I’ve learned that when I argue with people I need to walk away and take some time before I come back and apologize. I’ve learned how to be involved and engaged in our community. I’ve learned how to stand up for people and have made new friends. Our facilitators are awesome. I like that they have great offerings, like camping trips. They like to do cool things too!”

Courtney started pre-K in a traditional school. We tried ALC Mosaic after a semester filled with anxiety and poor performance. Courtney immediately felt comfortable at Roots, calling it “home school.” She spends her time exploring, building, and playing. The intentional but not over planned flow responds to student interests, outside offerings, and current events.

The facilitators are flexible and give each child individual attention. They are able to accommodate Courtney’s disabilities while encouraging her to learn new skills. A common question I get is, “what is she learning?” She’s doing great with letters and numbers, but more importantly, she’s learning to treat the earth kindly, respect her friends, and follow her passions. I love ALC Mosaic!

Crystal Farmer, Parent

Mica Gadhia, Parent

“I’m thrilled we found ALC Mosaic because my son says things like, ‘Mom, I’m living the best life I can think of. I want to spend as much time at school that I can.’ He says these things often. 
That’s because he’s found his community and passion at Mosaic and with that, I’ve also found mine. It’s the perfect school for our family.”

“We struggled for a number of years trying to fit our children into a traditional educational setting.  We were strong advocates and put great efforts into doing our best to make it “work” and to fit our children into the square holes that the school system had to offer. This lasted for a while – it took us longer than we’d like to admit, to recognize, that our children needed and deserved something better and that there were other options. 

After an extensive amount of research, discussion, and consideration of this philosophy that was very new to us, we took the plunge as a family in 2015 and haven’t looked back!  Our children are engaged, well-rounded and have an incredible love of learning and life!  As we often tell skeptical friends and family, our children are exploring their interests and passions, learning how to work and play in community with diverse friends and facilitators, setting and accomplishing goals, and learning the impact each of their decisions end up having. There’s not much more that we could hope for as parents than to have them emerge from “school” with those basics!”

Sarah & Bryant Coble, Parents

Laura & Lynn, Parents

Our son and I were talking one morning on the way to school. I asked if he saw himself attending ALC Mosaic for the rest of his school career. He said yes. I asked what he learned or gained from going there that he didn’t get at public school. He replied that he is less shy. I asked if he felt more confident and he said yes. I see this in him as he engages in one on one conversation, stands up in a room full of strangers and asks a question, or comes to the aid of someone in need.

ALC Mosaic supports the whole child as they chart their course in their own learning and development. Our son will continue to blossom, soak up information, try new things, build lasting relationships, and figure out his passion in life with the nurturance and guidance he receives at ALC Mosaic. I couldn’t ask for more.

ALC Mosaic is not just a school, it is a way of life that transcends into a community. The facilitators are not just teachers, they are friends, they become family. With a few tweaks and some expanding and contracting, Mosaic has become the clearest choice for my young men. Not only do they have the opportunity to be educated in what they desire to learn, but they are exposed to a multitude of experiences that they can carry-on into becoming grown men. Real life, conflict resolution, organic communication, satisfying curiosity and so much more. Nancy and Tomis’s vision realized, and their incredible talent for bringing in all of the key people that make Mosaic a reality has changed our lives. We will never look back.